Member Projects

Dr. Jon Gelber, MD is performing a study in conjunction with the Cleveland Clinic to determine if there is a correlation between hydration status during weight cutting and neurocognitive performance (balance, processing speed, and reaction time). The study is currently open to pro and amateur MMA fighters in the Cleveland area.

David H. Fukuda, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the Sport and Exercise Science Program at the University of Central Florida, recently published on rapid weight loss and its hormonal response:

Coswig, V. S., Fukuda, D. H., & Del Vecchio, F. B. (2015). Rapid Weight Loss Elicits Harmful Biochemical and Hormonal Responses in Mixed Martial Arts Athletes. International journal of sport nutrition and exercise metabolism

Michael Maloney, a Scientist and member of the Australian Sports Committee is conducing his PhD on the topic of Skill Acquisition in Combat Sport.

John Rizzo, a professor of Rehab and Neurology at NYU along with Liliana Serrano and Zena Moore are actively researching TBI/Concussion and will be sharing their research with the MMARS.

Chris Tack published a review of an evidence-based guidelines for strength and conditioning in mixed martial arts in the Strength & Conditioning Journal in 2013.

Reider Lystad, PhD of Australia recently published on the epidemiology of injuries in MMA

If anyone else has some MMA research projects they would like to share, please contact us!


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